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Getting to Know the Vape Models You Should Follow on Instagram

If you are into vaping then you should know that there are many personalities that you can find here. It is in the vaping world where you can also find vaping models that you can look into. If you want to know who vaping model to follow on Instagram then keep on reading this article.

It is @pandorablue that is one of the vaping models that you can choose to follow on Instagram. This model ahs 1.6 million followers on Instagram and that is the reason why she is considered to be the queen of vaping. She is known to promote different vape juices and has a cool environment in her account.

@misaliaa is also there vaping model that you can choose to follow on Instagram. It is its vaping model that is from Malaysia. Doing a number of vaping tricks for her followers is what this vaping model does. Doing reviews of various vaping products is what she usually does for her content. She knows how to get things done for her 232k followers.

Resembling the girl next door is what@dise.of.farrah is all about and she another model thatatyouo can follow. When you take a look at her then she is also known for her many tattoos and piercing. She looks humble and modest despite her huge followings on Instagram. It is also her that giveaways for her 230k followers.

Once you will be taking a look at @justpeachyy then she is not your usual girl next door. With her piercing and tattoos then she has that bad girl vibes to her. There are different brands of juices and mods that she is permitting though for her 120k followers.

If you are looking for the ultimate vape trickster then you will need to follow @wannathatshaa. Since she has great content then it is her that doesn’t need to be provocative in her post.

If you want someone that promote vaping in a sexy way then you have got to follow @priscillacrysthatlg. There are a number of ways that she able to promote the vaping world and that is the reason why she has around 89.7k followers.

A Filipino vaping model that has around 71.1K followers is what @vaping.rise is. Once you follow her then you can see the vaping products that she loves since she promotes them. She also gives information about discounts and upcoming event.

Impressing her 32.9K followers with the various tricks that she has is what @valerie.w33 is able to do. She usually does product reviews and giveaways for her followers.

A vaping model that ahs around 31.23k dedicated followers is what @ohmmywattsup. It is here that usually show her ticks in talent in vaping in her account.

A vaping model that usually integrates food, vape, and the natural environment is what @alliembers_ is able to do. And that is why she is able to have 19.1k Instagram followers in her account.

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