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Avoid Workplace Accidents with Fall Protection Safety Harnesses

To this day, falls remain as one of the major causes of fatalities and injuries in the workplace, especially that which requires working at heights. Usually, falls take place when people work at fragile surfaces like roofs as well as ladders. Around the world, thousands of workers go through mild to major injuries because of falls associated with working at heights. Sadly, deaths are also common after a fall. If you know someone who works at heights or even yourself, your safety is of utmost priority.

There are different ways to ensure the safety of workers who are working at heights. Primary fall safety measures include the proper inspection and planning of the job site. The use of functional and appropriate personal protective equipment is also a must. For people who are at risk of falling, the most commonly used personal protective equipment is fall protection safety harnesses. Sadly, there are still many people in the construction industry who undermine the use of construction safety harnesses. Some only realize their value after falling and still being alive to tell their side of the story.

A crucial component that makes up a personal fall arrest system is a construction safety harness. In case of a fall, the use of this equipment helps the user maintain a suspended upright position. As you wait for help, this equipment also keeps you supported. For fall restrain systems, the use of full body safety harness is a must. It makes employees avoid reaching places on site that makes them probable for falling. Making a body belt a construction safety harness is not always a good recommendation. When falls happen and you only have this belt as you safety harness, the forces will be directed at your abdomen. When you use a full body harness, however, you can expect that these forces will be distributed evenly throughout your body. This gives you the benefit of minimizing the chances of major and minor injuries when you fall.

Even if safety is the primary purpose of using fall protection safety harnesses, it will be of no use if you don’t wear your harness properly. Though you have a variety of safety harnesses to choose from, you have to understand that there are general steps that you can follow to properly wear one.

When you hold the harness using the back D-ring, make sure that you shake it so that all straps will fall at the right places. When you have buckled waist, leg, and chest straps, you should unbuckle them first by releasing the straps. You then slip the proper straps over your shoulders. Between your shoulder blades in the middle of your back, you will find how the D-ring is properly positioned. Pulling the leg strap between your legs is a must, and then you connect it to the other end. Do the same procedure for the other leg. If your construction safety harness has a belt, connect it to the waist strap.

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