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Crucial Facts You Ought to Know About Brazilian Wax

The rate at which your hair grows is mainly dependent on your genetics. Some people don’t have a lot of body hair. These people have an added advantage in that they can get rid of the hair through trimming and by using hair removal gels. Not everyone is this lucky. There are those that have a lot of body hair, which cannot be removed through these means. Are you in this category, and you are looking for an effective way to get rid of the hair? You can try out Brazilian wax. This article will cover essential Brazilian wax facts. This way, you’ll not feel like you are stepping into the unknown. Plus, you’ll be in a good position to decide whether to go through with it or to look for another alternative.

How Is This Procedure Carried Out?

Wax, strips, antiseptic, and soothing creams are the essential supplies needed for a Brazilian wax. Practitioners pour the wax gently on the skin and spread it evenly using roll-ons. The wax is, then, left to dry. Strips are placed on the wax before it dries out completely. After this, they are ripped off. Thus, removing the hair. The antiseptic is then applied to avoid bacterial infection. After a few minutes, the soothing gel is applied to avoid inflammation and pain.

Does the Hair Length and Thickness Matter?

Not everyone is cut-out for a Brazilian wax. Ideally, this procedure is suitable for people that have thick and long body hair. On average, this procedure is recommended for people with hair that is at least 4 inches or more. So, do not trim the hairs, if you plan to get a wax. Short hairs are not easy to pick-up using wax.

Is It Painful?

This procedure entails the removal of hair from the roots. With this said, it is painful, particularly for first-timers. However, the pain only lasts for a few minutes. Besides, the results are worth it. Experts suggest a few tips to help with the pain. First, they suggest that it’d be best to take a painkiller a few minutes prior to undergoing the procedure. Second, they recommend that this procedure should only be used when the hairs have grown out completely. Waxing weakens the hair follicles progressively. Hence, the pain reduces over time.

What If You Have Sensitive Skin?

People have varying skin types. On the one hand, some were gifted with naturally resilient skin. On the other hand, some were not. Wax is tailored for people with varying skin types. Be sure to talk to your practitioner to inform them about your concerns. They’ll, then, use hypo-allergenic supplies and soothing creams to avoid reactions. Don’t let your sensitive skin deter you from going through this procedure. As a matter of fact, other hair removal processes such as shaving and using creams are known to exacerbate skin sensitivity.

How Long Does It Take for the Hairs to Regrow?

On average, it might take an estimated four weeks. The duration will, however, depend on the individual. Your hair might regrow quickly if you have a fast regrowth rate.

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