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Saving Money On Real Estate Postcards

Real estate agents are nowadays having a tough time making ends meet as a result of a recession on the economy and real estate marketing. It is becoming hard each and every day for us to get a good reason for spending money on marketing materials that we are not sure when we will see our commission check.

The challenge is that we do not market ourselves and this is the main reason why we will never be able to generate a new business that we are in desperate need of.

In the past years, the agent made great achievements by using standard real estate postcards. They used to mail the postcards to their neighborhood and their previous clients to generate new listing and new buyers. The disadvantage of this strategy is that the agent would end up spending too much on their mailing in printing the cost of posting. They would spend the money without any fruitful impact on bringing new leads.

However, there are ways through which you can save money on real estate postcards.

For the past years, real estate agents have sent many postcards each month to every home in the neighborhoods. A good way of reducing the expenses is to target the homes that have been on the market recently and they were not able to sell or homes that have not been sold in the past five years. This may demand more time in doing the research but you will get substantial savings in the long run. You can save over ten thousand dollars a year when you spend a few hours doing a good research on the neighborhood. All you need to do is request for data about the neighborhood from the title company and the current listing activities from the Multiple Listing Services. The highly targeted market will ensure that you are steady on your revenue and in the end, save money on real estate postcards.

Another way in which you can save money is through hand delivery for your postcards. The cost of postage has been on the rise. You can pay as much as a dollar for a large postcard when you use first-class postage services. You can save money on real estate by hand-delivering your postcards or handing them over to someone to deliver them for you. Hand delivery services are very cheap and you can find that they charge about $0.10 a home. This will save you about 30{dc280f2cd3663ba255d1b720bc0fc5195e9c170fa9246d58809e7408c9ea9c0d} per and you will be able to realize how much you will save with time.

There is also an added advantage when you deliver the postcards by yourself since you will be able to meet potential clients and you will be able to build a strong relationship with your community. Many people take it lightly by shaking hands and delivering the marketing piece to your potential clients can be very effective.

Printers are nowadays issuing real estate postcards coupons as a result of real agents trying any means on saving money for their postcards making them feel the heat.

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