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Reasons Why You Should Go for Functional Medicine

Your overall well-being can be interrupted by a number of thongs and among them is the toxins, vitamins deficiency, sensitivity, hormone imbalance among others. Instead of treating the underlying root cause of a disease, the conventional health care systems mask the diseases’ symptoms with prescription drugs. It is easy to note that the current conventional healthcare systems only treat the symptoms and not the underlying root causes of the problem in the first place, with the prescription drugs. The functional health and wellness approach, on the other hand, focuses on the root cause if the diseases rather than the symptoms making it the future of the conventional medicine. This approach treats the body as a whole and not just the symptoms. The idea is to get to the root of the problem and this is why they will be concerned about why there is a problem in the first place rather than the what medicine can fix the symptoms. Anyone can, therefore, benefit from treatment even ewe there is no apparent diseases.

One of the main advantages of the functional medicine system is the fact that the diseases that are hard to find during the early stages are detectable with the functional medicine. We all have been to a lab only to be told that our bodies are fine but yet we do not feel fine. The lab runs for functional medicine happen to be interpreted differently and are also a little more extensive. While the lad results for conventional medicine can be vague since they use some reference range to tell whether the results are high, normal or low. since normal healthcare will use a reference range to tell you whether the results are normal, low or high, they can be really vague. The functional medicine labs tests can even be sued to tell whether you are progressing towards a disease, are normal or are in perfect health. The conventional doctor will test for other issues like your body imbalances, deficiencies, dysfunctions and other infections too, instead of for just the diseases that they think is causing you to ail.

With the functional medicine, you get to spend more time with the doctor since the larger part of the functional medicine involves a change in the lifestyle. With the larger part of this holistic treatment system involving a change in the lifestyle, you will be spending quite some time with your doctor. For this reason, the system is perfect for the chronic ailments or the ones that need close doctor supervision. When you are ready for this journey, you should be ready to change your lifestyle, answer lots of questions and also make sure that you have a support system at home. Choosing the right functional medicine practitioner is also as important and recommendations, their area of specialization and how they do the treatments will tell you whether they are the right choice.

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