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How Technology Can be Applied and Ensure Effective and Safe Reopening of Schools

Majority of countries across the globe have experienced the effects of corona virus disease now! For the countries that have affected directly by the epidemic most have experienced the healthcare system getting overwhelmed, having a negative growth of the economy as most countries are under lockdown. Despite the challenges the countries are in various stages of the epidemic whereby some are starting to open up, and normal life is slowly rolling back to the citizens. But one of the fields that have been affected a lot and require a lot of planning while reopening is the education system. The closure of schools has not affected students but also the parents have their pinch. We need to reopen the schools soon because they play a significant role in the student’s social growth besides creating a learning environment. As we try to figure out how schools will be reopened safely and efficiently technology may be the solutions read more about technology on this website.

As technology advances the cost of production of computers and computing systems has lowered therefore it is possible to produce powerful computing system at a lower price now! than in the past. The computing devices that can be used to make sure the reopening of schools is effective to have become affordable to most people. With the access of internet the computing devices have various platforms installed that can be used to join to the virtual classes which the students can continue learning. Some of the installed platforms include teams, skype, and zoom which students can use to join the virtual classes. Therefore there will be no need for the students to physically get to school so that they can learn more.

Social distancing are some of the measurements that the school will require to adapt if the student physically attend school. All the stakeholders in the education system will require to be familiar with the regulations to be followed if the schools reopen. Besides that schools have to install other technologies that will ensure it prepared for the reopening. So schools have to make sure they have communication radios which have access to frequencies used by the emergency services. It will be easier for the school to reach the emergency services using the frequency radio. An emergency communication system within the school is vital and should be installed.

There should be no overcrowding in the school hence a public address system is required within the school premises. The system will be used to pass information to all or specific students within the school premises without the need of converging together.

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